Welcome to Asbury Nursery School

The Asbury Nursery School is a non-profit non-denominational organization sponsored by The Asbury United Methodist Church. It is open to children of all faiths. Its purpose is the promotion of healthy emotional and social development among pre-school children through cooperative play in an atmosphere of love and understanding. It is voluntarily registered with New York State.

Why Nursery School?

Education is a life-long process starting at birth. While each age carries with it certain distinctive developmental aspects of great significance, the earliest years are generally considered the most important. From birth to six years, the child develops a concept of himself and of others, patterns of feeling and behaving that will underline all his later experience. The nursery years, therefore, can be viewed as being of paramount importance in a child’s education.

A Good Nursery School Has Much to Offer

An opportunity for meaningful continuous relationships outside home and family with children his own age and with adults other than his parents.

More space and equipment than most homes can furnish.

Stimulus to learn such simple school skills as how to listen, to share, to follow directions, to participate in group activities in preparation for kindergarten.

The proper preschool group can be particularly helpful to the child who lives in a neighborhood without other small children or in a large apartment development where too large a group of unsupervised youngsters can create problems. An understanding nursery school teacher can be of benefit to a child who is too aggressive, too shy, or too lonely.

For the parent it can be not only a respite from the constant care of the preschooler, but the opportunity to discuss the child’s progress with a teacher, who knows and understands him.